Star-spangled fortnight


We are challenging perceptions of American beer as we celebrate a fortnight of ale from across the pond.

Joined by our three Bitters ‘n Twisted sister venues ; The Jekyll and Hyde on Steelhouse Lane, The Victoria on John Bright St, and our their newest family member, The New Inn in Harborne, we’re seeking to confound the myth that American beer is tasteless.  The festival, which takes place from the 16th July for two weeks, will showcase an extended range of US beers, both bottled and draught.

Matt Scriven, director of Bitters ‘n Twisted, said: “The American craft beer industry has grown in popularity in recent years, with beers like Brooklyn Lager and Sierra Nevada Pale Ale proving particularly popular at our sites.  Yet the myth that American beer is mass-produced rubbish still seems to stand.  We’re out to prove that this isn’t the case by offering some more examples of their great beers which Birmingham drinkers might not yet have had the opportunity to try.  Our kitchens are getting in on the action too as they’ll be cooking up some dishes inspired by American cuisine – and beer.”




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