Geek Quiz

Island Bar unveils its very own Nostalgia and Geek Quiz, sponsored by Nostalgia;

2nd Wednesday of the month, 8pm

The categories include;
Guess the alter ego; (Our take) on the classic picture round,

Game Smart Presents; From 8bit to hi-def we’ve got you covered.

Cinema Geek; From Box Office to Nip Slips at the Red Carpet

Joe Presents Comics; Our Resident Nerd channels channels his inner Stan Lee Excelsior!

Six Degrees of Separation; Bro do you even IMDB?

POKEMON; Nuff Said

Sound Bytes; Sounds that spark the inner 5 year old

MIA; A round for all things controversial and contraband

Final Round; Settle things with an interactive gaming surprise

2 of your finest galleons as the entrance fee.

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