Just Rum and Juice?!

It’s safe to say that here at Island we like rum.  We could give you a hundred reasons why, but really it comes down to one thing; simplicity.  We’re not saying rum is a simple beast; we can talk your ears off about the complexities of rum, the different production methods and the subtle flavour profiles in rums from different regions of the world – and we’ll do so if you really want us to (rum tastings coming soon *wink*).  But at its core, if you get a good rum you can make what you mix with it as simple or complex as you like.  In the words of Captain Fishcake “It’s just rum and juice, innit”.

So when Appleton rum started the hashtag #DiscoverRum we were fully on board.  We love to try and get other people as excited about rum in the way we are and we’re fans of Appleton’s rum range – from the VX up to some of the older rums which are nice enough to drink neat.  With its 260 year old history it’s one of the oldest rum producers in the world and regularly wins awards.

But when you get a good rum it doesn’t need a lot of pretentious ingredients like pomegranate juice hand-squeezed by blind tibetan monks, everyday ingredients will let the rum be the star of the show.  And that’s why we’ve kept it simple with our #DiscoverRum specials, because we want you to discover the rum and not the bottom of your wallet because you’ve forked out for overblown ingredients.

With that (and Captain Fishcake’s comment) in mind, we’ve come up with the Captain’s Cure as our #DiscoverRum cocktail.  It’s a delicious blend of rum and juice, or more specifically Appleton VX mixed with fresh lime, pineapple, guava and Ting grapefruit soda.  The smooth richness of the rum isn’t overly sweet like other rums, so the citrus fruits really complement it and the Ting soda adds just a touch of sweetness to make this a really refreshing drink.

If you fancy trying a few different cocktails with Appleton rum we also recommend a Jamaican Mule made with Appleton VX, lime and ginger ale or perhaps something a little more classic – an Appleton Daiquiri or Old Fashioned will go down a treat!

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